Born In 1992


Ricci Di Napoli

Ricci Di Napoli was established in 1990 in the busy shopping district of Via Roma, Napoli, Italy. Started as a simple tailoring shop which caters for people of all walks of
life. Equipped with passion for quality and precision, Ricci Di Napoli immediately gained fame locally and clients started walking in both locals and tourists. In such a short period, it became a well renowned bespoke shop producing the best fitted high quality premium suits.

In 2000, during the celebration of its 10th anniversary, Ricci Di Napoli was also launched as a premium designer brand. Now, there are almost 20 stores all over Europe and soon to be present in Asia and the Middle East. The tireless pursuit of excellence means that in Ricci Di Napoli we select the best
fabrics around. The choice mainly falls to Scottish, English, Irish and Italian yarns, from the highest quality wools to the purest cashmeres. But that’s not all. The shades and designs are made exclusively on their indication, so that the distinctive style is constantly refreshed. In our work the essential guide is above all the quality of the fabrics and the cut.

On closer inspection, perhaps, the secret is succeeding with simplicity and ease in the very difficult work of blending tradition and modernity. The result of this synthesis is that balance and harmony that you feel every time you wear one of our garments.


To educate, guide and provide clothing which would help entice every individual’s unique personality.


To redefine the age-old art of tailoring using modern technology to create smart styles that suit one’s unique figure and personality. Ricci Di Napoli is both contemporary and timeless. Fashion is fleeting, but craftsmanship is enduring. It is a commitment to time-honored standards that sets us apart, and that sustains the power of our name. When one wears a Ricci Di Napoli creation, one should be making a statement!