Our Services


We at Ricci Di Napoli provide professional services to our clientele. Our salespersons are highly trained to educate our clients about the products and what are the right clothing that would suit our customer’s needs. We also provide inputs on how, what, when and where to wear a particular clothing whether formal, business formal, business casual, or plainly casual wears, that’s why you will feel having a personal fashion consultant every time you visit our shops.

Tailoring is one of the foundations which has kept Ricci Di Napoli known for. We have highly experienced tailors who can provide expert tailoring for your tailoring needs, whether a simple alteration or custom-made clothing. Experience having a custom fitted suit and look sharp with our creations.


Made to Measure

From design to creation. Ricci Di Napoli provides a vast range of exquisite fabrics, which form the foundation for tailored men’s suits? Baby cashmere, tweed, tropical wool, linen, and many more exquisite fabrics give shape to the perfect bespoke men’s suit.

We offer Made to measure services. We have highly experienced tailors that could create suits exclusively for you. We have a wide selection of fabrics and designs that you can choose from that would suit your taste and style.

It is essential for our brand to only use natural high-quality fabrics on our collections to ensure the quality and feel of our clothes. Each season our team of designers create collections of the finest luxury fabrics from our suppliers all over the globe. Each is the perfect fit for tailored suits that priorities aesthetic, comfort and function.