Extra fine, the most highly prized variety of MERINO wool, is particularly desirable for the production of high superiority, luxury items. The finest merino quality produces wool which can hold its own against cashmere. For us, the end product is always the clothes we create, so we ensure only the best wool fabrics are chosen.

We only use the finest wools for our suits, each fabric is carefully selected to complement the design of our creations.

Wool is the fundamental material of a classic garment, particularly in men’s clothing.
The elegance of the fabric originates in the quality of the raw materials. Ricci Di Napoli selects its fabric from well renowned Lanificios all around the globe.

The finest merino wool comes from the grasslands of Australia and New Zealand, the cashmere comes from China and the mohair from South Africa. We need to know the quality of the raw materials used in our fabrics to ensure the quality of our creations.